‘Winter Clothing for Students’ Initiative

Date: 9 Nov 2021

‘Winter Clothing for Students’ Initiative

‘Winter Clothing for Students’ Initiative

The Ajman Centerfor Social Responsibility (Ajman CSR) – an affiliate of the Ajman Chamber ofCommerce and Industry – has implemented the ‘Winter Clothes for Students’initiative, in collaboration with the Manar Al-Iman Charitable Foundation andthe Ajman-based Socks Factory.


The campaign is part of Ajman CSR’s effortsto promote social responsibility and raise awareness about its importance andkey principles. It aims to highlight the role that private companies can playand the kind of programmes and initiatives they can implement to support ngosand the community as a whole, as well as to ensure sustainability.


Nasser AlDhafri, CEO of the Ajman Center for Social Responsibility, applauded theconstant collaboration from both ngos and the private sector, which has helpedpromote a culture of social responsibility, paving the way for impactfulinitiatives.


“The AjmanCenter for Social Responsibility is committed to maintaining communication and collaborationwith government and private sectors, as well as ngos, in order to promote andimplement best practices in the field of social responsibility,” he asserted.“The ‘Winter Clothes for Students’ initiative plays an important role in engagingcompanies and factories to play a role towards charitable and communityinitiatives. It helps raise awareness about corporate social responsibility andpromotes it among businesses. The campaign ensures Ajman’s long-term andsustainable social and economic wellbeing.”


Al Dhafri thanked Manar Al-Iman CharitableFoundation for implementing the initiative, and the Socks Factory for its consistentcontributions to charitable programmes that serve the public and promote communitywork in the Emirate of Ajman. He called on all other establishments andcompanies to broaden their efforts and participate in social responsibilityinitiatives, which would help ensure their sustainability and strengthen theirrelations with the local community.


For his part,His Excellency Nasser bin Ali Al Junaibi, Executive Director of the Manar Al-Iman Charitable Foundation, said: “TheFoundation is always dedicated to strengthening collaboration with all stateinstitutions, and to building partnership with government and private entities,in line with the national vision of the UAE and its wise leadership. Weappreciate the great efforts that the Ajman Center for Social Responsibility hasundertaken with the ‘Winter Clothes for Students’ initiative, in collaborationwith Manar Al-Iman Charitable Foundation. Such initiatives instil the values ofcharity, generosity, collaboration, and social solidarity.”


The initiativewill see the Ajman Center for Social Responsibility cooperate with the SocksFactory, located in the Ajman Free Zone. The Factory has pledged to providemore than 8,500 items of winter clothing to be distributed to eligiblestudents, in accordance with Permit No. (1/273/2021) from the Charity CoordinationCouncil Emirate of Ajman for CharityWork.


The ManarAl-Iman Charitable Foundation plays a notable social and charitable role. TheFoundation works to support education, where the total number of studentbeneficiaries over the past years exceeded 42,000 male and female students from39 nationalities.

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