Under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed bin Ali Al Nuaimi“Al Ihsan” Celebrates…

Date: 6 Jun 2018

Under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed bin Ali Al Nuaimi“Al Ihsan” Celebrates the Academically Outstanding Students on " Zayed Humanitarian Work Day

Under the patronage of Sheikh Mohammed bin Ali Al Nuaimi“Al Ihsan” Celebrates the Academically Outstanding Students on

Al-IhsanCharity Association held its annual ceremony celebrating the academicallydistinguished students, under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed binAli Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Board, and coinciding with the “ZayedHumanitarian Work Day”.  The ceremony wasattended by H.H Sheikh Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi, the association’s CEO,Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, CEO of Index Holding, and Dr. Hakki Ismail, the ExecutiveDirector, who all came to honour 35 academically excelling orphans at differentgrade levels.


Inhis speech, Sheikh Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi said: "Our keenness tohold the annual ceremony to honour our top achieving students stems from ourbelief in the importance of greatly valuing the notable and inspiring efforts whichserve to raise the outstanding students’ mental and intellectual capacities.This goes in line with our wise leadership’s policy of supporting theoutstanding achievers and creative minds, encouraging students to read and gainknowledge, and awarding achievers and innovators. "

Headded: "The ceremony aims to motivate the rest of the students to competewith their peers and extend more effort and perseverance in their academic attainment.The excellence that our students reached did not come from vacuum.  It is rather the outcome of great diligence, arduouswork and perseverance, as well as the organization of time and effort.  These champions represent a nation’s truetreasure, and constitute the cornerstone in the country’s progress anddevelopment that they may later contribute to the founding of the necessary baseupon which superior societies can be built. "

"Isay to everyone of you, draw yourself the path to success, as this is how you buildyourself and develop the ability to handle life and thus excel in differentareas.  He who adheres to the path willsurely reach his destination."


Thiswas followed by a speech from student Suhaila Mohammed, delivered on behalf of herfellow celebrated students, in which she said: "It is a great honour to achievedistinction in a distinguished year, associatedwith such a distinguished personality, as was the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan,may Allah rest his soul.  I am delightedto share with my colleagues this celebration which only compels us to excel andattain more success, encourages us to learn and gain knowledge in order to realizea mission that benefits us, and motivates us to be diligent and persevere to beamongst the top-ranking students.  Iwould also like to pay tribute to all the mothers who provided all means tosuccess and excellence so that we could arrive to this beautiful moment.  They deserve all our love and appreciation.  We also cannot forget to mention our teacherswho never spared us a piece of beneficial knowledge, they deserve our huge thanksand gratitude. "

Concludingthe event, Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Ali Al Nuaimi, accompanied by Dr. HakkiIsmail, honoured 35 distinguished students from all grade levels, in addition tohonoring several sponsors who have continuously contributed to the sponsorshipof orphans for more than 15 years, and distributed gifts to 300 orphans attendingthe ceremony accompanied by their mothers. Co-sponsoring the event were AjmanDepartment of Finance, Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, BloomingtonAcademy, and the National Bonds.

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