"Alternative & Renewable Energy in the Business Environment" Workshop

Date: 14 Dec 2022

"Alternative & Renewable Energy in the Business Environment" Workshop

The Ajman Center for Social Responsibility (Ajman CSR) of the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) organized a workshop for private sector establishments entitled "Alternative &Renewable Energy in the Business Environment", with a view to highlighting the importance of renewable energy and its role in supporting business growth, reducing expenses, and increasing production. This Workshop is part of Ajman CSR's efforts to organize an awareness workshops series on the social responsibility applications and practices in the private sector, in cooperation with consulting companies and institutions concerned with social responsibility activities.

The workshop was attended by Nasser Al Dhafri, CEO of the Ajman CSR, business owners, and officials of private sector establishments.

Nasser AlDhafri stressed the importance of the Workshop and its role in raising awareness of business owners on the feasibility of using alternative and renewable energy and its direct impact on increasing productivity and reducing expenses, in addition to reviewing the investment opportunities available in this vital sector with a promising future in light of the world's tendencies to reduce emissions, sustain resources, preserve resources, protect the environment from pollution. He explained that the Workshop illustrates the Ajman Chamber's goals aimed at encouraging economic establishments to adopt social responsibility, sustainable development standards and requirements, and the green economy, as well as developing small and medium enterprises (SMEs),upgrading them and developing their activities to support their pioneering role in supporting a diversified future economy.

He added, "The UAE is a pioneer in diversifying its dependence on energy sources and providing clean and renewable energy production plants with large capacities to keep pace with the needs of the economy and ensure the continuity of business growth and attract new investments, which was reflected in increasing the Country's productivity of clean energy and in line with the UAE's announcement of its Net Zero 2050 Strategic Initiative".

The workshop discussed with the types of energy "wind energy, solar energy, hydroelectricity, hydrogen, and other alternative and clean energy" and the difference between energy types, the effects of energy quality on the cost and volume of production in private sector facilities, and the promising investment opportunities provided by the alternative and renewable energy sector, especially in light of the UAE directions towards increasing the growth of this vital sector, in addition to the effects of energy on the environment and the preservation of resources, and many successful examples have been explained in a number of countries of the world.

The attendees praised the importance of the Workshop and its educational role in introducing renewable and clean energy. They recommended the importance of organizing periodic meetings and specialized events on investment opportunities in the energy sector and highlighting the practices of leading establishments that rely on the use of alternative and renewable energy in the business environment and its impact on costs and productivity.

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