Ajman CSR organizes a workshop on the "Importance of Social Responsibility in…

Date: 9 Aug 2022

Ajman CSR organizes a workshop on the "Importance of Social Responsibility in Generating Corporate Revenues"

Ajman CSR organizes a workshop on the

Nasser Al Dhafri: Social initiatives have a majorrole in improving the quality of life

The Ajman Center for SocialResponsibility (Ajman CSR), an initiative launched by the Ajman Chamber ofCommerce and Industry, has organized a workshop entitled the "Importanceof Social Responsibility in Generating Corporate Revenues ", as part ofthe Social Responsibility Culture initiative, which aims to organize a seriesof specialized educational workshops for the private sector, with a view toraising awareness of concepts and applications of the social responsibility andprinciples of the sustainability and encouraging business owners to launch sustainablesocial initiatives and adopt best social practices that support thesustainability and growth of business.

The workshop was attended byNasser Al Dhafri, CEO of the Ajman CSR, and presented by Kholoud Hendia, asustainability and social responsibility advisor, in the presence of officialsand representatives of the companies and factories.

At the beginning of theworkshop, Nasser Al Dhafri welcomed the attendees and stressed the importanceof the workshop and its role in exchanging experiences and highlighting thebest practices and methodologies used in the field of social responsibility andtheir impact on the levels of trust between establishments and society members,contributing to the growth and sustainability of the business of private sectorenterprises. He stressed that the field of social responsibility ischaracterized by development and creativity in the implementation of projectsand initiatives.

He added, "Projects andinitiatives made by the private sector enterprises have a major role inimproving the quality of life, increasing sustainable social and economicwelfare, preserving resources, and providing added values to members ofsociety."

Al Dhafri explained that theAjman CSR is keen to organize a series of specialized workshops in cooperationwith its partners from the concerned authorities in the field of socialresponsibility and private sector establishments, with a view to creating aplatform for developing and innovating initiatives and projects that supportthe efforts made in the field of social responsibility.

The workshop introduced thedefinitions of social responsibility and the dimensions (economic, legal,humanitarian, and moral dimension) of positive social initiatives on thereputation of the establishments and its reflection on increasing profits andthe continuity and sustainability of business and its growth. The workshop alsoaddressed the importance of linking the ability of enterprises to learn andinnovate and its impact on the growth of social responsibility contributions.

The workshop reviewed theimportance and value of social responsibility applications in establishments,the impact of the social role of companies on the growth of profits, how tobuild social capital, which in turn leads to improving the efficiency of theeconomic performance of companies, the importance of building relationships andpartnerships between the public and private sectors, the role of socialresponsibility in reducing costs and limiting expenditure of theestablishments, the role of social responsibility in achieving communitywell-being, and mechanisms to encourage institutions to achieve a balancebetween material profit, community service, and environmental safety.

The workshop also presented anumber of pioneering models for international companies and brands that adoptthe concept of social responsibility through qualitative initiatives andprojects.

At the conclusion of theworkshop, the attendees recommended the importance of organizing jointworkshops and events between the concerned authorities in the field of socialresponsibility and private sector establishments with a view to exchangingexperiences and identifying the best practices of social responsibility andways to develop existing projects and initiatives.

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