Ajman CSR organizes a workshop on "Optimal Consumption of Resources and…

Date: 8 Mar 2023

Ajman CSR organizes a workshop on "Optimal Consumption of Resources and Productivity in the Private Sector"

Ajman CSR organizes a workshop on

With the participation of 22 of the Ajman Chamber's member establishments

The Ajman Center for Social Responsibility (Ajman CSR), a part of the Ajman Chamber  of Commerce and Industry (ACCI), organized a workshop entitled "Optimal Consumption of Resources and Productivity in the Private Sector" with a view to highlighting the best practices and methodologies that support the preservation of resources and increase productivity, as well as directing and educating companies and factories on mechanisms to adopt circular economy and recycling methodologies to enhance the efficiency of natural resource consumption and reduce waste to ensure the quality of life and preserve resources for future generations.

The workshop is a part of the efforts made by the Ajman CSR to keep pace with UAE's directions in preserving and sustaining resources in line with the Year of Sustainability, and the UAE's preparations to host the World Climate Conference "COP 28

The workshop was attended by Nasser Al Dhafri, CEO of the Ajman CSR with the participation of a group of business owners and representatives of 22 Ajman Chamber's member companies and factories via online video conference.

At the beginning of the meeting, Al Dhafri welcomed the attendees and emphasized the importance of the workshop and its educational role for private sector establishments by adopting best practices to achieve an increase in production rates while preserving the environment. In addition, the workshop is a platform for the exchange of expertise and successful and approved experiences of the establishments to achieve the Ajman CSR's mission and role in providing knowledge advisory platforms aimed at sustainability and social responsibility.

He stressed that the Ajman CSR aims, within its strategic plan, to provide a wide range of workshops and innovative courses in cooperation with our partners from government and private agencies concerned with social responsibility. The Ajman CSR also seeks to launch proactive initiatives and projects that support economic development, increase productivity, sustainability, and growth of capital for companies and factories, and enhance their local and international competitiveness while preserving the environment and resources, reducing carbon emissions, and keeping pace with UAE's directions in this matter.

The workshop reviewed a set of main topics, including "decision-making strategies on applying best practices for optimal consumption in the private sector, the characteristics of resource conservation and its role in future sustainability, the relationship of productivity to the use of available resources, and the relationship between institutional excellence and productivity increase."

The workshop also introduced the definition of responsible consumption and production from the social responsibility perspective and their relationship in terms of efficiency and productivity, the concept of the circular economy, and its importance and mechanism, as well as an overview of sustainable consumption best practices and consumption and production patterns.

The workshop also included the presentation of a number of best production and consumption practices models for private sector establishments locally and internationally, and the attendees were briefed on the UAE's efforts in developing a circular economy to preserve resources and rely on recycling.

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