Ajman CSR organizes a training course entitled "Social Responsibility…

Date: 28 Mar 2022

Ajman CSR organizes a training course entitled "Social Responsibility Specialist"

Ajman CSR organizes a training course entitled

The Ajman Center for Social Responsibility (Ajman CSR), affiliated to the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, organizes a training course entitled "Social Responsibility Specialist", in cooperation with Golden Vision Training & Consulting. This training course aims to raise awareness and educate the private sector on the foundations of managing social responsibility and the role of private sector institutions in social, economic, and environmental development to serve the quality of life.

The training course was delivered by Dr. Mohamed Jarrah, an expert in institutional development, strategic planning and governance, in Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel, and attended by of 32 participants from private sector institutions.

The training course started with a welcoming speech by Iman Al Shamsi, Director of Development and Innovation Department at the Ajman Chamber. She stressed the importance of the training course and its role in promoting direct communication between the Ajman CSR and private establishments among members of the Ajman Chamber. She also praised the Ajman CSR's efforts in diversifying activities with a view to raising awareness and educating all government and private entities and the public and stated that the Center is keen to diversify its partnerships with all stakeholders and local and international consulting companies.

The training course addressed the importance of social responsibility applications and their impact on enhancing the quality of life, in addition to the role of companies and establishments in contributing to the field of social responsibility and the importance of shifting to implement socially responsible business practices on a daily and permanent basis.

Dr. Mohamed Jarrah presented the most important and latest global practices and applications in the social responsibility field that aimed at serving the individual and society, as well as the impact of these applications on the profitability of establishments and enhancing institutional trust and reputation. He also explained the role of the concerned parties in achieving social responsibility, especially during the global crises.

The training course introduced an explanation of the principles of social responsibility, which discussed "accountability, transparency, behavior, ethics, respect for the others' requirements, and respect for the law, international rules, and human rights."

The participants emphasized the importance of the training course, and stated that it gave them an opportunity for exchanging experiences and getting acquainted with the best local and international practices. The attendees also appreciated the efforts of Ajman CSR in raising awareness of establishments on the importance of implementing encouraging the social responsibility business practices.

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