Ajman CSR Discusses Cooperation with CSR UAE Fund

Date: 1 Oct 2019

Ajman CSR Discusses Cooperation with CSR UAE Fund

Ajman CSR Discusses Cooperation with CSR UAE Fund

In a joint meeting held at AjmanChamber, Nasser Al-Dhafri, CEO of Ajman Center for Social Responsibility (AjmanCSR), one of the initiatives of the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, welcomedNuha Al Harmoudi, Director CSR UAE Fund. The meeting aimed to discuss cooperation and partnership in implementinginitiatives and events that serve the objectives and visions of both parties.


The meeting commenced with NasserAl Dhafri greeting the attendees.  He ensuredthat the development and enhancement of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practicesis dependent upon the synergy, consolidated efforts and reinforcement ofpartnerships between the concerned authorities. Al Dhafri pointed out that Ajman CSR relies on its strategic partners,from the government, private as well as public benefit sectors, in implementingits initiatives and activities.


During the meeting, Al Harmoudi explainedthe vision and objectives of CSR UAE Fund. The vision being of the UAE becoming a global CSR leader, having the objectivesof actuating partnerships with: relevantinstitutions and initiatives that raise awareness about CSR in general, severalentities for carrying out the Fund's approved initiatives, the UAE chambers ofcommerce, and with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.  Another goal of the CSR UAE Fund is to engagethe private sector to take on a dynamic role in sustainable development in theUAE.

Al Harmoudi then mentioned severalCSR Fund’s projects, emphasizing the role of the UAE chambers of commerce andindustry in promoting CSR, and the mechanisms adopted by CSR UAE Fund thatenhance cooperation and partnership with the concern CSR organizations in each Emirate.

Al Dhafri also presented AjmanCSR's vision, mission and key directives which include identifying the CSR strategicpriorities in the business and other sectors, forming long-term plans thatserve the Emirate's sustainable development goals, providing advisory servicesto business and other sectors in various areas of sustainability, offering learningresources as well as opportunities for training and exchange of experiences inaccordance with the best global practices in all areas of sustainability andsocial responsibility and in coordination between business and other sectors toensure consolidation of efforts and the optimal use of resources to achieve themaximum benefit to the society.

Al Dhafri also reviewed the mostimportant current events and initiatives, and future projects, that Ajman CSR isworking on, as well as the courses and exhibitions organized by the Center,praising the effective collaboration with private sector institutions in Ajman.

During the meeting,the attendees pointed out the necessity of cooperation between the CSR UAE Fundand Ajman CSR in implement events and projects that boost the contribution of variousprivate sector companies in the area of social responsibility, and theimportance of joint work in preparing field studies that ensure the success ofsocial responsibility programs.

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