Ajman Center for Social Responsibility organizes training course "Specialist in…

Date: 10 Oct 2019

Ajman Center for Social Responsibility organizes training course "Specialist in the Principles of Social Responsibility"

Ajman Center for Social Responsibility organizes training course

Ajman Centerfor Social Responsibility organized one of Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry'sinitiatives a training course entitled "Specialist in the Principles of SocialResponsibility" in collaboration with Al Arabi Management Training Center,with the aim of spreading the principles and culture of social responsibility,and applying its practices in the working environment, attended by Nasser AlDhafri, CEO of Ajman Center for Social Responsibility. Participated in thecourse 32 participants from government, private and NGO employees, which washeld at the Ajman Hotel.


Nasser al-Dhafri, CEO ofAjman Center for Social Responsibility, stressed the importance of the coursein identifying the concept and principles of social responsibility of organizations,identifying the reasons for the importance of social responsibility togovernment, private and NGO sectors and being able to apply socialresponsibility in organizations in accordance with best practices.

He added that the center serves as a platform to provideresources and guidance on social responsibility to companies, apply theirprinciples and direct effective support to raise awareness of the socialresponsibility of companies and promote them in all government, private and NGOSectors.


Al-Dhafri said the course is the best realistic proof of theprivate sector's efforts in the field of social responsibility and thepromotion of its practice through the contribution of Al ArabiManagement Training Center and Ajman Hotel in implementing andhosting the training course free of charge. The course was presented by Dr.Dalia Hafez, and addressed social responsibility and its relationship to humanresources, management, finance, supply, applications of social responsibilityin government, private sectors and civil society, and structured models of socialresponsibility charters for institutions and the directives and mechanisms usedto enable institutions to apply and integrate community-based liabilitypractices.



Participants were briefed on the areas and principles and standardsof social responsibility by the European Quality Management Foundation and how socialresponsibility reports are prepared, as well as how performance indicators aredeveloped in the report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative.


At the end of the course, Nasser al-Dhafri thanked the attendeesand praised the efforts of Al Arabi Management Training Center and itscooperation in implementing the course, as well as praising the role of AjmanHotel in hosting the course, stressing that Ajman CSR is keen to strengthen itspartnerships with all specialized entities to improve the field of socialresponsibility and follow best practices and adopt them in various governmentand private entities to reach the happiness of the individual and society andachieve the goals of the center, which keeps pace with the vision of AjmanEmirate. He distributed certificates of participation to the audience andpresented a Trophy to Al Arabi Management Training Center and Ajman Hotel.

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