AJCCSR, Manzil Center sign MoU to support the people of determination

Date: 17 May 2018

AJCCSR, Manzil Center sign MoU to support the people of determination

AJCCSR, Manzil Center sign MoU to support the people of determination


AJMAN, Ajman Chamber, May14, 2018: The Ajman Center for Corporate Social Responsibility (AJCCSR), asubsidiary of Ajman Chamber, signed a memorandum of understanding with Manzil Centerto boost the joint cooperation and carry out various activities that serve bothsides. The agreement basically aims at supporting the people of determinationthrough providing them with job and training opportunities

The MoU was signed byNasser Al Dhafri, CEO of AJCCSR, and Dr. Ayesha Saeed Husaini, Founder Directorof Manzil Center.

Through the agreement,the two sides will coordinate the efforts to support the people ofdetermination by providing them with job opportunities. This will help toemploy their creative abilities and integrate them into the labor market, sothat they will be able to contribute to the process of development. It alsostated to conduct a special awareness programme for officials andrepresentatives of governmental and private bodies who are willing to recruitpeople of determination. 

Commenting on theagreement, Al Dhafri stressed the keenness of the AJCCSR to build partnershipswith various stakeholders to ensure the achievement of its objectives andfuture vision. He noted that the MoU will enhance efforts of the AJCCSR toprovide promising job opportunities for the people of determination in varioussectors like tourism in cooperation with the Department of Tourism Developmentand a number of hotels operating in the emirate.

“The people ofdetermination have creative abilities that enable them to be successfulachievers in many jobs of various sectors.” Al Dhafri added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ayesha,reiterated the importance of the MoU, which serves as one of the importanttools for the integration of people of determination in the labor market. Shealso noted that the agreement met the Center’s objectives through providingguidance and job training for new employees of the targeted category. Thetraining serves the candidates who have been employed and ensures theircontinuity, as well as creating a secure supportive environment for the peopleof determination, she added. 





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