A joint cooperation between the (Ajman CSR) and Aletihad Charity Foundation…

Date: 7 Feb 2023

A joint cooperation between the (Ajman CSR) and Aletihad Charity Foundation Abdullah Al Muwaiji: The Ajman Chamber is keen to link business owners with Public Interests Institutions

A joint cooperation between the (Ajman CSR) and Aletihad Charity Foundation Abdullah Al Muwaiji: The Ajman Chamber is keen to link business owners with Public Interests Institutions

H.E.Abdullah Al Muwaji, the Chairman of the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry(ACCI), received H.E.Sheikh Ali bin Mohamed bin Ali Al Nuaimi, Executive VicePresident of Aletihad Charity Foundation in Ajman, to discuss ways of jointcooperation and strengthening relations in the field of social responsibilityand discuss ways to implement joint community initiatives and activities thatserve the goals of both parties and enhance quality of life for the individualand society.

Themeeting was attended at the headquarters of the (ACCI), H.E. Salem Al Suwaidi,Director General of the (ACCI), and Nasser Al Dhafri, Executive Director of theMember Support and Innovation Sector in the (ACCI) - CEO of Ajman Center forSocial Responsibility (Ajman CSR), and from Aletihad Charity Foundation, H.E.Hareb Al-Ariani, Secretary General, and Nasser bin Ali Al Junaibi, ExecutiveDirector of the Foundation.

At thebeginning of the meeting, H. E. Abdullah Al-Muwaiji welcomed the attendees,praised the efforts of Aletihad Charity Foundation and its social andhumanitarian role, especially in the field of education, as well as its effortsto launch quality initiatives and projects to serve members of society andachieve the quality of life.

Al-Muwaijistressed that the Ajman CSR - one of the initiatives of the Ajman Chamber - iskeen to strengthen its partnerships with Aletihad Charity Foundation, anddirected the need to open channels of direct communication between the privatesector establishments of the Chamber's members with the Foundation to discussopportunities to participate in community and charitable activities,emphasizing the vital role of private sector establishments in supporting thefield of social responsibility.

Themeeting also included the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the(Ajman CSR) and Aletihad Charity Foundation. The memorandum was signed bySheikh Ali bin Mohamed bin Ali Al Nuaimi, Executive Vice President of AletihadCharity Foundation, and Nasser Al Dhafri, CEO of the Ajman Center for SocialResponsibility (Ajman CSR).

Thememorandum stipulates the importance of exchanging experiences, information andbest practices, and participating in initiatives, events, specialized workshopsand conferences organized by both parties with the aim of building capabilitiesand raising the competencies of workers, and the need to cooperate in achievingthe common goals of both parties through the implementation of joint projectsand initiatives, in addition to developing relations in the field of mediacooperation and promoting the activities of both the Ajman CSR and theFoundation.

For hispart, Sheikh Ali bin Mohamed bin Ali Al Nuaimi - Executive Vice President ofAletihad Charity Foundation in Ajman said: “In the interest of the Foundationto cooperate and integrate in the fields of charitable work, and to achievepartnership between institutions working in the field of community service, theFoundation has concluded a strategic cooperation agreement with AjmanChamber."

AlNuaimi added, "We seek to strengthen cooperation relations and activatejoint activities of interest to both sides in the humanitarian, charitable andvoluntary aspects, and in various social events."

Hestressed the importance of establishing partnerships with various governmentsectors, in pursuit of Aletihad Charity Foundation to achieve the largestpossible amount of assistance projects, indicating that from this standpoint,the cooperation agreement was signed with the Ajman Chamber, to be a greatexample of fruitful cooperation between institutions, especially at the levelof Ajman to implement community projects that serve members of society.

NasserAl Dhafri stressed the importance of the memorandum of understanding and itsrole in providing a common platform to enhance cooperation between the AjmanCSR and the Foundation to serve Ajman's community through a set of initiativesand training courses in the field of social responsibility. He explained thatthe cooperation with Aletihad Charity Foundation comes as a continuation of theefforts of the Ajman CSR exerted to enhance cooperation with public interestentities in order to achieve the goals of the Center aimed at intensifyingsocial responsibility activities and events to ensure a high degree oflong-term social and economic well-being in Ajman, and enhancing the Center'srole as a pioneering platform that provides guidance and technical support tovarious government and private entities and institutions.

AlDhafri explained that the Ajman CSR is keen to diversify its partnerships withthe entities concerned with the activities and areas of social responsibilityin the Ajman and the UAE, which enhances the Center's efforts in providingproactive services and launching and implementing innovative communityinitiatives and projects.

The meetingconcluded with the exchange of commemorative shields between, H.E. AbdullahAl-Muwaiji and H.E. Sheikh Ali bin Mohamed bin Ali Al-Nuaimi.

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