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“Environmental Sustainability and Recycling for Organizations” Workshop | Ajman Center for Social Responsibility

“Environmental Sustainability and Recycling for Organizations” Workshop

Date: 22 Jun 2022

“Environmental Sustainability and Recycling for Organizations” Workshop

“Environmental Sustainability and Recycling for Organizations” Workshop

The Ajman Center for Social Responsibility(Ajman CSR), affiliated to the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI),has organized a workshop for private sector enterprises under the title " Environmental Sustainability and Recycling for Organizations", in collaboration with Beeah Group, and in the presence of Nasser Al Dhafri, CEO of the Ajman CSR. This Workshop is a part of the Ajman CSR's efforts to enhance its communication with the business community in Ajman and hold a series of specialized workshops in cooperation with consultant firms in the field of social responsibility, with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of social responsibility practices in order to enhance the sustainability and growth of the business community.

The workshop was moderated by Fatima Humaid AlSuwaidi, Education Specialist in Beeah Group, and attended by officials and representatives of companies and factories.

At the beginning of the workshop, Nasser AlDhafri welcomed the attendees and stressed the importance of the workshop and its role in educating private sector establishments about the importance of following correct environmental practices and adopting recycling to conserve resources in general. The UAE has a group of leading institutions in recycling and converting waste into energy and resources that can be reused.

He added, "Ajman CSR's annual plan for2022 includes the implementation of a series of awareness-raising workshops and programs on social responsibility practices and encouraging private sector establishments to adopt best practices in the field of social responsibility, in cooperation with a wide range of consultant firms from inside and outside the country."

Al Dhafri praised the interest and attendance of private sector establishments for the workshop, which reflects the extent of awareness about the importance of social responsibility and recycling applications to contribute to the sustainability of resources and the preservation of the environment. He also valued the Beeah Group's efforts and its social role in implementing pioneering projects and initiatives, in addition to its keenness to develop awareness among individuals and institutions of the importance of social responsibility practices.

The Workshop discussed daily life patterns and their impact on the environment, the importance of a sustainable lifestyle and its direct contribution to the preservation of resources. The attendees learned about the environmental challenges that most affect society, including "air pollution, increased waste, carbon footprint, and overfishing "and their impacts on social and economic life.

The Workshop stressed the importance of the correct disposal of waste and appropriate recycling to preserve the available resources and provide a safe life and a sustainable future. It also reviewed the steps of the correct and safe disposal of waste, including "paper, plastic, tires, old furniture, aluminum items, documents, etc."

The Workshop reviewed some examples of recycling projects implemented by Beeah Group, including the construction of a running track using 6,000 used car tires, highlighting the benefits of recycling and providing a number of examples whereby recycling “one ton of paper” saves 17 trees, 4,100 kWh of electricity and 7,000 gallons of water. in addition, the recycling of 36,000 plastic bottles saves 685 gallons of oil,5,774 kWh of electricity, 7.4 cubic yards of landfill, and other environmental benefits.

In conclusion, the Workshop emphasized the need for the individuals to be aware of the importance of their environmental contribution and the importance of educating others about these practices and their direct impact on maintaining public health, environmental and economic resources, and the quality of life, in general. It also called on the private sector establishments to rely on a recycling system and not waste resources. This has a positive impact on the sustainability and growth of business and an obvious effect on preserving the environment and the sustainability of its resources.

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