About Ajman CSR


Incubated within the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Ajman Center for Social Responsibility is the platform of resources and voice for businesses’ social and philanthropic interests.

Its mission is to advance the positive role of business through actively supporting and continuing to promote increased awareness of CSR and application of its principles in the emirate to ensure long-term social and economic well-being in the emirate.

The mission of The Ajman Center for Social Responsibility is to inspire, encourage, and facilitate CSR awareness and practices among Ajman Chamber members via the following four focus areas:

  • Promote, Provide Training, Guidance and Capacity Building
  • Maximise the Benefits via Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Mapping Progress & Development of CSR Programs in the Emirate
  • Sustainable & Responsible Entrepreneurship and Investment

Our Strategy


To become the regional and global reference for social responsibility and sustainability practices.


A knowledge and consulting platform to connect the private sector with other sectors and society to achieve sustainability and practice social responsibility.

Main Directions

1. Strategic Direction: Identifying strategic priorities for social responsibility in the private sector and other sectors, and creating long-term plans to achieve sustainable development goals in Ajman.

2. Knowledge Direction: Providing knowledge resources, training and expertise exchange opportunities in the latest global practices across all sustainability and social responsibility topics.

3. Consulting Direction: Providing consulting services for the private sector and other sectors across all sustainability areas.

4. Partnerships Direction: Organizing between the private sector and other sectors to guarantee unifying efforts and efficient usage of resources to achieve the most value for all.